My Philosophy

As a graphic designer, I believe that we hold the power to communicate just about anything, good or bad. That is why we have to be careful in the choices we make every day. Who and what we design for, tells almost everything about us. If you decide to design for a cigarette company or an alcohol company, will people judge you? Most certainly. You can design an elderly woman’s new bake shop and people will judge you.

I’m still in college, just one year left and then I’ll have my bachelor’s of science in Graphic Design. I have a class about ethics this quarter and it has taught me so much about decision making. Not just the big decisions that scare us time to time, but the every day, every second of the day kind of decisions. We have to realize what we believe in and what ethics or morals we stand by as an individual. When you think you know what those are for you, try to live honestly by them each and every day.

In graphic design, you might have someone ask you to design a logo and some flyers for their marijuana business, for a large amount of money, which you may or may not be okay with. If you are not okay with it, can you stand by your personal code of ethics and say no?

It depends on one’s personal ethics.

I absolutely love designing because it feels so good to visually communicate with other people the way people feel about something. I’ve designed hair stylist’s logos, business cards, and postcards. I’ve designed birthday and wedding invitations. It’s become this passion that I can’t stay away from.

My philosophy as a designer is to stay true to yourself, even when life pushes you not to. It sounds pretty general, but I have had my own examples of when I needed to think about what I was doing and if it was alright, to me. In the end, just be honest with those around you, they might surprise you and completely understand.




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